Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Focus T25 Beta Week 3

I am now in the third week of Focus T25 Beta. I love the workouts. I thought I would get bored with repeating the same 5 workouts every week. Each day is a challenge though. I feel myself getting stronger and nailing more of the workouts. I can do push-ups now, which I couldn’t do at all before I started this program. In Beta you use weights or resistance bands. I found the weights to be easier to follow along quickly. I use two 5 pound weights. I really enjoy the weights even more than the cardio now. I am still using the modifier at times because some of the moves I just can’t do. No matter your fitness level this is a great workout. The modifier keeps it simple and low impact. Following the modifier I still feel a great workout.

 I am only down 7 pounds still and have been at a standstill with that weight. I haven’t been blogging my updates because I was letting this get me down. I was expecting to see a loss every week. I was hoping by now that I could proudly display pictures of me to inspire everyone. While the weight loss hasn’t been dramatic yet, I feel healthier and stronger than ever. I know I am gaining muscle which in turn will help me burn more fat. I have been committed to getting the workouts done. It’s not always easy! Some mornings I stay in bed a little too long. Sometimes my kids need me when I was planning to workout. I have had mornings I was about to push play and Johnny starts crying. One morning Ava wasn’t feeling good and just needed some snuggle time with mommy. Being a mommy always comes first. I have done workouts at 10:00 p.m. when I was finally able to get everyone asleep. I have even doubled up some days.

 My struggle has been with nutrition. The weeks I plan my meals ahead of time I do so much better. When I don’t plan I get home and there is pizza waiting for me. So hard to walk away from that! And just one slice is never enough for me. Weekends I indulge too much as well. Instead of a small cheat meal, I end up with a huge cheat day! I know if I want to see the results I have to get my nutrition under control. I am learning more about eating clean. Not always easy for me because healthy foods are not something I like. I am getting to the point when I do eat fast food, I don’t feel good. I aim to remember that feeling so the next time I can turn down the unhealthy foods. The model below is what I aim to follow:
Nothing easy is ever worth it. There is no easy way to lose weight and get healthy. It’s a constant journey and struggle. However, there is nothing better than the feeling you get after nailing a workout. Or when you can run outside and play with your kids at the park. I have not reached my goal weight yet. I am still on my journey and here for anyone else that needs support or motivation to continue or start their own journey.

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